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The US and South Korea have begun their annual joint military exercises, heightening tensions with Pyongyang that earlier this month threatened to erupt into a potential nuclear conflict.

The reclusive regime in North Korea regularly lambasts the Ulchi-Freedom Guardian manoeuvres, saying they are a rehearsal for invasion. This year has been no different, with North Korean state media threatening “merciless strikes” against the US if provoked.
朝鮮政府經常抨擊美韓“乙支自由衛士”(Ulchi-Freedom Guardian)演習(注:題圖為韓國警察參加“乙支自由衛士”演習),稱這是侵略演練。今年并無不同,朝鮮官方媒體威脅稱,如被挑釁將對美國展開“無情打擊”。
However, the number of US troops involved in this year’s war games has been cut to 17,500 from 25,000 in 2016, a move that James Mattis, US defence secretary, denied could be interpreted as pandering to Pyongyang.
然而,參加今年軍演的美軍數量從2016年的2.5萬人降至1.75萬人,美國國防部長詹姆斯?馬蒂斯(James Mattis)否認此舉可被解讀為迎合朝鮮。
“The numbers are by design to achieve the exercise objectives, and you always pick what you want to emphasise,” Mr Mattis said.
“At present, there is a heavy emphasis on command post operations, so the integration of all the different efforts.”
與一年一度的“禿鷲”(Foal Eagle)聯合軍演(包括大規模實地演練)不同,“乙支自由衛士”軍演基于電腦化模擬,官員們表示,這種演習屬于防御性質。

Unlike the annual Foal Eagle drills that involve extensive field manoeuvresthe Ulchi-FreedomGuardian war games are based on computerised simulations that officials say are defensive innature.

On SundayNorth Korean state media criticised the UScalling the exercises “a reckless actbereft of even elementary judgment”.
The Trump groups declaration of the reckless nuclear war exercises against the DPRK alongwith the vociferous call for the ‘beheading operation’, ‘special operation’, ‘pre-emptive attackon the North’ and ‘preventative war’, is reckless behaviour driving the situation into theuncontrollable phase of a nuclear war,” said the statementreferring to North Korea by itsofficial abbreviation.
Both the US and South Korea have rejected a joint proposal from China and Russia tosuspend military exercises in exchange for a freeze in North Koreas nuclear and ballisticmissile tests.
美韓聯合軍演高度隱秘,但據信,其中包括模擬戰場以及衛星圖像,以推斷朝鮮軍隊駐地和金正恩(Kim JongUn)的領導風格。除了1.75萬美軍,預計有數萬名韓國人參加,還有來自英國、澳大利亞、丹麥和哥倫比亞的士兵。