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Playdar.js is a JavaScript client library for interacting with the Playdar HTTP API.

Download latest: playdar.js
Source code and full documentation (GitHub) | BSD licensed | Issue tracker

Here’s how you can use it to query Playdar for a specific track.

<!-- Include the library -->
<script src="playdar.js"></script>
    /* First, set the client up with some callbacks. */
        // Called when the browser is authorised to query Playdar.
        onAuth: function () {
            // At this point, we can query the Playdar API for a track and start polling for matches.
            Playdar.client.resolve("Artist", "Track");
        // Called in response to each poll with the results so far.
        onResults: function (response, lastPoll) {
            console.log('Polling ' + response.qid);
            if (lastPoll) {
                // Take a look at the final response.
    /* The client is now ready to check in with Playdar. */

Don’t have Playdar installed? Download a build for Mac or Windows, or compile the latest source then come back here or check the websites below for a demo.

Fill in the form values and press return or click the “go” button for a live demo. The number of results will appear below:

    In Progress No Results Partial Matches Perfect Match

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